Fighting for Reproductive Health Care

Fighting for Reproductive Health Care

Together with state legislators nationwide, Carmine is fighting to allow women to obtain reproductive health care. Carmine and 372 state legislators signed a statement denouncing the abortion ban crisis:

The 2019 state attacks on the legal right to abortion are a crisis. As state legislators from around the country and members of the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, we condemn this coordinated political strategy to overturn Roe v. Wade and are outraged by efforts to criminalize doctors or patients seeking abortion care. 

We envision a nation in which each of us can make our own decisions about our reproductive health, pregnancy, and parenting, free from political interference. We’re calling on our fellow legislators, governors, and the courts to stop these abortion bans and instead take action to ensure all people can access reproductive health care with dignity and respect, no matter where they live or the size of their bank account. We respect the sacred duty of public office and we honor our charge to act for a better future for our constituents and communities – and that means protecting abortion rights.”

In Massachusetts, Carmine co-sponsored H3320, an act removing obstacles and expanding access to women’s reproductive health (the so-called “Roe Act”).


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