Improving Services for Our Seniors

Seniors, people who are 60 or older, account for 20-25% of the population in the 13th Middlesex District.  As your State Representative, I will use the knowledge I gained from serving on the Sudbury Council on Aging and representing Sudbury on the BayPath Board of Directors, to fight for improved services for our seniors.

Expanding Sudbury’s Pilot Real Estate Tax Relief Program

Last year, Sudbury started a pilot real estate tax relief program after receiving the support of the Town Meeting and the Legislature.  More than one hundred senior homeowners, whose property tax bills exceed 10% of their annual income, applied to the program and received substantial tax relief.  The cost to the larger community was less than one half of one percent of annual property taxes.  Similar success is expected in the second tax year cycle.

The challenge is taking this successful two-year pilot program and having the Legislature create a similar statewide tax relief program.  As your State Representative, I will lead the fight to maintain this program and make it available to communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Funding for Services that Meet Essential Senior Needs

Currently, there are several areas that are neglected due to inadequate funding including food; transportation; recreation/ social activities; household repairs; translators for Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese elders; and hearing, vision and dental services.


While the “Meals on Wheels” program provides one meal per week day for many seniors, there continues to be unmet needs.


Although our Councils on Aging, Baypath and private charitable organizations provide seniors vital transport for medical visits and grocery shopping, a substantial portion of those needs remain unmet.

Recreation and Social Activities

Senior and/or Community Centers in some of our towns have inadequate space for important senior social and recreational activities.

As your State Representative, I will fight to fund these unmet essential senior needs.